How to push the reset button on your life

00 Carpet

Have you ever felt like everything was just getting too much for you and you needed to push the reset button? Or have you ever wished your life would just pause for a while so that you could catch up? We may not be able to solve all of our problems in one go, and we’ll probably never get everything done that we would like to do, but we can make a massive difference to our emotions by just taking one day to ourselves.

00 Thru the treesI did this yesterday. I packed the whole day full of things I love to do and didn’t worry about any of the stuff that I don’t enjoy doing. By the end of the day I felt fantastic. And when I woke up this morning and returned to real life, I still carried some of that calm happiness with me. Throughout the day today I’ve been able to approach all parts of my life, even the tasks I don’t enjoy, with more motivation, and, like most people, when I’m more motivated, I’m more efficient and productive.00 Bench

If you want to plan your very own “reset day”, here are some ideas from my day that you might consider:

  • Breakfast in bed. If you share your home with someone who supports your quest to nurture your mental health, see if they would be willing to bring you breakfast in bed right after you wake up. You can always offer to return the favour another day.
  • Quality time with the people you love most. Taking time for you doesn’t have to mean neglecting your family. In fact, spending time with those closest to you can help remind you what’s really important and why you do all the other stuff in your life.
  • Get outside into nature. Go for a long walk in the countryside; take a picnic. Don’t plan your route in too much detail, just see where you feel like going when you get there. I love going to the bluebell woods in May, but you might prefer strolling along a riverbank or hiking up a mountain.
  • Visit a friend or relative that you don’t see as often as you like. It’s great to have a chat and a catch-up. Just make sure it’s someone who lifts your mood and whose company you really cherish.
  • Enjoy a meal in your favourite restaurant. Give yourself a night off cooking and washing up. Treat yourself to the best the menu has to offer and savour every mouthful. Your diet or your healthy eating plan is for real life, not for your reset day – you can pick it up again tomorrow.
  • Soak in a long warm bath. Make sure the rest of your family aren’t going to need you for an hour or so, and dig out that bubble bath you were keeping for a special occasion. This is your special occasion.
  • Go to bed early with a good book or magazine. How often do you give yourself the gift of time to read? How often do you give yourself the gift of a good night’s sleep? Today you can.

00 Path

I’m still amazed that I managed to pack all of the above into one day!

In our busy lives, spending a whole day doing only the things you love can feel like a luxury. But, taking time to take care of you is one of the most important things you can do. When you feel rested, rejuvenated and fulfilled, you will have so much more energy to give to your family and your work. When you take time to look after yourself, everyone around you benefits. So, schedule a reset day into your diary and start planning what your perfect day looks like.

00 Bunch of bluebells


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