I decided to start the Personal Peace Garden as a way to document my own search for inner peace and happiness. As a busy mum of three, married for 22 years, and with a career in publishing, I’m part of that generation of women who were told we could have it all – and make it look effortless at the same time. But all too often, having it all comes at a price. I’ve suffered from depression for a large part of my life – I’ve tried antidepressants, counselling and CBT. All were temporary fixes at best. It was only after I discovered mindfulness mediation in the spring of 2017 that I started to take control, first of my mental health, then of my whole life. I love gardening, and I’ve managed an allotment, with varying degrees of success, for the last 12 years. Gardening is my escape from the stresses of everyday life, my way to step back and reconnect with what really matters. Finding inner peace is a little like gardening for the soul – sowing the seeds of healthy habits, nurturing them through sustained self-compassion and then finally harvesting the happiness that grows inside of us. So, if your soul could use a little nurturing, come along on this journey with me – I’d be glad of your company.